Market Research

The Real Estate IRA Guide conducts rigorous evaluations to discover the best turnkey real estate investment opportunities for IRA and 401k real estate investors.

Our screening process identifies the best markets, best turnkey property providers, and the best properties saving you hundreds of ours of time and research.   Our due diligence typically includes the following.

Discover The Best Markets

  • Economic and employment trends
  • Job growth, new business growth, and population growth trends
  • Property location within the market and environment assessment

Assess Turnkey Provider’s (Sellers)

  • Experience level, reputation, and credibility
  • Property management team experience and skill level
  • Vacancy rates for properties under management
  • Fair market rental rate assessment
  • Property maintenance services, warranties, and legal support
  • Property pricing policy and fair market value assessment

Find The Best Properties 

  • Location: Proximity to employers, amenities, services, schools, in path of progress
  • Quality:  Age, condition, maintenance, expected maintenance reserves
  • Financial: Estimated net rental yields, fair market rent, cap rates, ROI, cash on cash returns
  • Vacancy Rates:  Vacancy rates for comparable rental properties and fair market rental rates
  • Environment: Neighborhood and local crime report

In addition to our preliminary research, each investor must conduct their own market research and due diligence to verify and assess each investment opportunity.

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