How To Buy Turn-Key Property in Your Self-Directed IRA or 401k

How to Buy Turnkey Properties for Your Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401k

Real Estate IRA Guide is the most trusted source for helping investors discover the best turnkey property and navigate the process of buying cash flow real estate within a self-directed IRA or solo 401k.

Whether you are looking at turnkey investment property for cash flow or equity growth, our full-service team of real estate experts is here to help you find the best investment opportunities.

We strive to make real state investing with your self-directed IRA and solo 401k a hassle-free buying experience.

It’s Simple & Fast: Buy Turnkey Homes from Real Estate IRA Guide

The Real Estate IRA Guide provides a quick and easy buying process on the best investment properties.

  1. Property Alerts:  Investors gain access to our hot property alerts by signing up for our IRA Investor Newsletter or downloading a copy of our ebook.
  2. Property Inquiry: Inquire about a property online, or call 970-682-3325 to speak with us direct.  We can answer your questions about our property listings or connect you with the seller directly.
  3. Deposit: If you are interested in purchasing a property, you put down a deposit of 5%-10% earnest money deposit to secure the property. You will typically have the exclusive right to purchase the property for a predefined period of days and a grace period for full refund of your deposit defined by the seller for a period of days outlined in your contract.
  4. Financing: The 60 Day IRA Real Estate Guide provides contact and financing info for self-directed IRA and solo 401k non-recourse lenders.  Various sellers that we partner with also provide non-recourse loans for IRA and 401k buyers. Downpayment is typically 35%-50%. Please download the ebook for more information on financing and contacts.
  5. Purchase Contract & Closing Process: IRA and 401k purchase transactions are done electronically via email or fax.  The 60 Day Real Estate IRA Guide ebook provides step-by-step guidance for how the process typically works for our listed sales.   Acquisitions from our experienced and qualified IRA turnkey property providers have streamlined processes in place to ensure a smooth closing. Electronic copies of signatures (fax or email) for cash transactions are typically accepted and financed transactions require notarization.