Benefits of Buying Turn-Key Property in Your Self-Directed IRA or 401k

A growing number of Americans moving IRA funds out of the stock market and into tangible income producing real estate assets for stable and consistent cash flow.  Turn-key are ideal for the hands-off investor who wants passive income.

That is because turn-key properties are rehabbed, rented, and managed at the time of closing making them ideal for self-directed IRA and solo 401k investors.

Here are key benefits of investing in turk-key properties with your self-directed IRA or solo 401k.

Low Stress

Turnkey properties are like investing on autopilot.  They are actually kind of boring investments that generate stable and consistent income.   You do not have the hassles of finding, rehabbing, fixing, renting and managing.  This has already been done for you making them a low stress investment.

Save Time

The Real Estate IRA Guide discovers the best cash flow markets, the best turnkey properties, the best property managers, saving you hours of time and energy.  Turnkey properties are already rehabbed, leased, and generating cash flow from day one of ownership.  This saves you a lot of time and energy.

Build Equity

Many turnkey properties have built in equity at the time of acquisition.  Turnkey property providers typically buy homes at wholesale prices, complete extensive rehab’s, and sell them at or slightly below market value to investors.


Turnkey properties are as hassle-free with management in place.  This makes it easy for investors to invest in the best markets offering the best investment yields.  You can build a diversified portfolio that creates passive income and diversity from numerous markets.  If one market has a mass layoff, or an major industry shift, your investment will be insulated.  

Low Risk

With turnkey properties costly repairs, high vacancy, and management issues are minimized.  Properties are insured, and many properties have rent guarantees and home warranties in place providing additional risk mitigation.  They are much less risky than the stock market and much more stable, consistent, and predictable making them ideal for IRA and 401k investors.

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